Johnny, Vince & Sam’s

Johnny, Vince & Sam's


Ascot Vale - Thursday 10th November 5-7pm
Preston - Friday 11th of November 5-7pm
Coburg - Saturday 12th of November 11-1pm
Brunswick - Saturday 12th of November 3-5pm
Oakleigh - Sunday 13th of November 11-1pm
Watergardens - Friday 25th of November 5-7pm
Epping - Saturday 26th of November 11-1pm
Essendon Fields- Saturday 26th of November 3-5pm

New South Wales

Parramatta - Friday 18th of November 5-7pm
Castle Hill - Saturday 18th of November 11-1pm
Leichhardt - Saturday 18th of November 3-5pm
North Wollongong - Sunday 20th of November 11-1pm

Although our favourite ethnic dads Johnny, Vince and Sam from Sooshi Mango couldn’t agree on which of them make the best wine, they do agree that Italian wine should be on every table. So, they decided to put their differences aside and come together to create a range of classic Italian-style wine that would make their village proud.
“Itsa taste so good itsa maik you think you in Italy.”


Our Sangiovese is a classic Italian style wine. It is well-balanced, bright ruby red, packed with fruity flavour! It's a Vino that brings la famiglia to the table.
“Itsa so good, she taste just like my daddy used to maik. ”

Source: South Eastern Australia
11.5% alc./vol. 750ml


Our Moscato is a deliciously sweet, light sparkling Italian style wine. It is bursting with fresh, tropical flavours and a little hint of zesty lemon. It's a Vino that brings la famiglia to the table.
“Itsa so sweet, she taste like tears of an angel”

Source: South Eastern Australia
8.5% alc./vol. 750ml